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At SIKOTEN we offer a professional cleaning service so that you can keep your spaces clean and tidy without worries. Our highly trained cleaning team will use the best products and tools to guarantee the cleanliness of your home or business, adapting to your needs and schedules.

Works and reforms

At SIKOTEN we offer a comprehensive building and renovation service so that you can transform and improve your home or business. We have a team of highly qualified professionals in architecture, design and construction, who will provide you with personalised advice and manage the entire process of your work or renovation, from planning to execution and final delivery.

Decoration and Homestaging

We offer a homestaging service so that you can get the maximum potential out of your property when selling or renting. Our team of decoration and interior design experts will transform your property into a welcoming, attractive and functional space, adapted to the latest trends in design and decoration. Using homestaging techniques and strategies, we will highlight the qualities of your property and minimise its defects, thus increasing its value in the real estate market and accelerating its sale or rental.


Our team of highly trained gardeners will design, plan and maintain your garden to suit your personal needs and tastes. We use high quality gardening techniques and products to ensure optimum maintenance of your garden, from plant and flower care to tree and shrub pruning. We take care of the gardening of houses, flats, offices, commercial premises and any space that needs professional maintenance.

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